Pick Your Causes

By Edwin KirschEddie holding a cup of coffee

I’m pretty sure there was once a wise man, and he must have at some point said,  “You can’t change the everything, but you can change something.”

Well, if there wasn’t person who once said that, there should have been, as it is obvious. We face problems everyday, ranging from personal relationships to global issues. The idea of saving all the worlds problems is nice in theory, but impossible in practice.

I had a discussion with my roommate a few weeks ago after he watched a documentary called “The Cove”. He was shocked by the documentary (I haven’t seen it, but I heard it was quite gruesome), and also a little distraught. He claims that he hasn’t contributed anything to making society better.

I’ve had a theory about change — it doesn’t take a lot to do a lot. I don’t consider myself an activist, but I do believe there are things, which I can and do contribute to. Ultimately, you have to pick your causes, and do what you can.

Fair trade is one of these causes I try to maintain. Supporting my local community is another. Can I do both at the same time? Why yes, just by buying coffee.

In my future blog posts I aim to investigate these two elements further.  Fair trade is really just a phrase for a particular financial relationship, but for me, it represents what we should have in all relationships: fair play for all parties.

That’s all for this week. In the mean time, check out this cool site called justcoffee.


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