With time, we hope to archive in digital form all the past issues of Footprint that still exist.  If you have an edition you’d like to share, please email our editor Tina at

(Click edition titles to download.)

Footprint, Earth Day Publication, Spring 2011 [download]

  • Make your own table
  • Missourians living off the grid
  • Japan’s impact on energy thinking
  • Outdoor adventures in Missouri

Footprint, Fall 2009 edition

  • Easy ways to reduce your impact even in the residence halls
  • Reducing and reusing have an even bigger impact than recycling
  • Reduce, Reuse, Rewear: vintage clothes in Columbia
  • Recycling in Columbia: what happens after tossing that bottle in the bin
  • Environmentally friendly entrees at the Main Squeeze
  • How to green your party in seven steps
  • 4 questions to ask before buying a drying rack

Footprint, Spring 2009 edition

  • Cover page

Footprint, Fall 2008 edition

  • Compact florescent lights vs. incandescent bulbs
  • Ryan Enterprises: now accepting all plastic
  • Reusable bags: the environmental trend
  • How to make a necktie bag
  • Eagle Bluffs: Columbia’s natural water filter
  • Recycling at Mizzou: how it works

Footprint, Spring 2008 edition

Footprint, Spring 2006 edition

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