What is Footprint?

First and foremost, Footprint is a collection of individuals at the University of Missouri who are interested in using their voices to speak out about sustainability in all of its forms. In this context, by sustainability, we mean the action of conserving resources in order to preserve the intellectual and physical environment on campus. Footprint strives to create an environment in which all types of voices can be heard as expressed through writing, poetry, photography, and videography. We believe that this diversification of content will benefit readers and aid the contributors in their individual practices and hobbies by building resumes and experience.

How to get involved?

Get in contact with one of our staff–as found on the “Staff” page of the website–or leave a comment on one of the publications. Project leader, Kayla Cook, is always interested in talking to new writers and content-makers. In addition, as we are a branch of Sustain Mizzou, one should feel free to contact any one of the executives with any questions or concerns they may have.

Anyone and everyone should feel free to send in articles or projects for publication on the blog, but in order to receive a title as a member of Footprint, it is necessary to make a semester-long commitment to the organization. Achieving the status of “creator” (writer, photographer, videographer) is possible via two means. The first is a singular monthly contribution carried out by that individual. This can be an article, photographic story, or a video. The other option is making a small contribution to two or more articles by another author per month. This means editing the work or providing a photo for an article.

Footprint is an organization that benefits the student and should be viewed as such. More than anything it is a fun, no-holds-barred operation that allows the artist to prosper. The only restriction put on “creators” is the necessity of centering the work around the theme of sustainability, whether that be environmental, artistic, or otherwise.

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