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Living the Old Life

By Briney Bischof

Martin Bellmann
Martin Bellmann stands in front of the woodshed he is building. The shed is made with reused metal siding and will keep the wood they use to heat the house in the winter from getting wet.

Martin Bellmann has a self-sufficient lifestyle. When Bellmann talks about the inspiration behind his log cabin he says, “I’ve always had a strong interest in the old ways of doing things, in a way of living that was slower, gentler, self-sustaining, and more in balance with the rhythms of nature.” Bellmann lives this principle with his everyday life.

Eva Bellmann watches the weather before they go to Ashland to cut up downed trees, which they plan on using for different building projects in the future.

He continues to say that he finds the American frontier and the lifestyles associated with it very interesting and he has always wanted to do the pioneering thing.

Bellmann and his wife Eva Bellmann live outside of Jamestown, Missouri in a log cabin that he built himself 10 years ago, according to him. He says the cabin itself is made partially from the corncrib of the barn that used to stand on his property.  The cabin did not have electricity until seven or eight years ago and it did not have running water until last year, Bellman says. Continue reading Living the Old Life