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Planning a rocking benefit concert: Gulf Sounds

Kelly Gehringer (third from left) organized Gulf Sounds and serves as Vice President of Communications for Sustain Mizzou. Pictured here are other key Gulf Sounds volunteers.In April, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had a devastating effect on pelicans and turtles, fishermen and locals, in addition to what once was considered the pure water and plant life of the Gulf.

I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to combine my passion for music with an environmental cause and I had to seize this one. I decided to pick three organizations that are providing aid to the Gulf, to cover three categories: environment, community and wildlife. The idea was to create an event with Sustain Mizzou that people could respond to – understand each organization and choose which cause to fight for. There would also be a variety of local bands people would be introduced to, so they could choose when to come to the concert as well. Finally, we would sell raffle tickets and raffle off gift certificates to various restaurants in the District.

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