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How to make your own biodiesel

“BioDiesel: The Un-grasped Fuel of The Future”
By Hunter Maret

    Ahhh, Rudolph, If only you could have seen today. Rudolph Diesel was a German inventor and mechanical engineer who created the Diesel engine in and around 1893. Rudolph’s primary goal after living the inefficiencies of steam powered engines, was to create the most efficient fuel burning engine possible. High efficiency is the core principal of engineering.

Initially Mr. Diesel envisioned his engine to use specifically food crop oil. This could have been the forefront of sustainability before the internal combustion engine took its grasp in the world. Unfortunately, Mr. Diesel mysteriously passed away in transit across the English channel in the middle of the night and was later identified by fishermen 10 days later. It is highly theorized that industry competition lead to his mysterious death.

In his memory, I have published this BioDiesel video for viewers to create their own basic Biofuel. Keep in mind this is not fuel grade diesel for use in engines, but this is the basic process that is used to produce BioDiesel.

Some quick facts about BioDiesel:

This revolutionary, easily integrateable fuel needs to be more widely implemented and it starts with us. Get out there and make your own fuel!