Local researcher works to improve turtle crossings

Imagine you are small. The world is vast, full of dangers and obstacles, and you are driven by instinct. But your habitat is shrinking. Where once you could move freely, unfamiliar obstacles now hamper your travels, presenting new kinds of predators evolution hasn’t equipped you to deal with.

You are not a bear: 8 outdoor safety tips for Spring Break

Rule #3: The water may look clear, but remember that amoebas are really, really tiny. Before you eat or drink anything out in the wild, make sure you know where it came from, and what risks may be present by consuming it. You can boil your water, or chemically sterilize it, but more often you’re just better off bringing enough from home. Additionally, if you feel inclined to eat anything, make sure you know exactly what it is. Or better yet, if you find it on the ground, just leave it there. You are not a bear.

A quick guide to the Missouri night sky

One of the most under appreciated benefits of warmer weather in the spring is how bearable the outdoors become after sundown. With the absence of the sun’s direct radiation, winter nights have little going for them – nobody wants to be dark and uncomfortable. But for those of us without aversions to late nights, spring…