Apps for Food Waste Awareness

By Elizabeth Ustinov

While there is no one ideal solution to reduce food waste, this generation aims to combat the problem using technology, as demonstrated by (Tuft University 2016; US Fed News Science 2016). With the technological advances in smartphones and their apps, the transportation and ordering of food for consumers has been made relatively simple. Many restaurants and supermarkets now have apps that let customers browse and pre-order their items for pickup or delivery. To advocate for more environmentally-aware intentions, there have been apps created to increase food sustainability as well.


For example, FoodKeeper was designed to aid consumers in deciding if their purchased products are still safe to eat. It offers storage advice about 400 different kinds of foods and drinks (Tuft University 2016). Another app called Foodfully keeps record of food purchased logo-icon-iosby storing receipts, and then when the food is close to expiring, it will send a notification to the user along with a recipe for how to make use of the product before it is wasted. (US Fed News Service 2016) Lastly, the app Copia has recovered unused food from businesses and universities and ughhhhtransported it to nearby nonprofits (US Fed News Service 2016). All of these innovative apps are reducing the amount of food that goes into landfills and are an easy way to make consumers more aware of their waste habits.

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