Tip #13: Find a low-energy summer hobby

My favorite thing about summer is that you finally get to catch up on all those fun things you never get to do going to school full time. I can finally sew, paint and run again!

So, this tip is going to be pretty short and sweet: find a hobby that doesn’t require a lot of electricity or resources. We spend so much of our day staring a screens- television, computer, phone- that it’s worth it to occasionally unplug our devices, turn off the lights, go outside and participate in something tangible.

I have a few favorite hobbies that require minimal electricity and are still fun and productive (goodness, I sound nerdy):

– Beading. My stepdad taught me to bead when I was 8 years old and I haven’t stopped since. I love bead work because it’s so beautiful, intricate and creative. Also, beading is something that you can see real progress when working. All you really need is fishing wire, a needle and a pack of beads.



Come on, aren’t these just the coolest things ever? And when you get into it, beadwork can look insanely cool. It’s not actually that hard to do! This is a page which has a few cool starting stitches.



– Running. Until this semester where I had almost no time to myself, I had no clue how much I love running. I always feel incredibly clear headed and happy when I run, and I usually end up accidentally working out all of my problems when my mind wanders. It’s uses zero resources, I can experience the great outdoors, and I can eat a substantially larger amount of chocolate during the day without feeling disgusting.

– Painting. The paint itself isn’t really “low-resource” per se, but we can’t be 100% sustainable all the time, that’s the whole point of these posts anyway. Go outside and paint something you see, it will get you closer to nature and further from the television screens.

Of course, there are millions of others. Sewing, hiking, gardening, reading, whatever! Just try to sit outside in the sun for a bit and enjoy the sunshine.


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