A Saturday at the Columbia Farmer’s Market

This past weekend was the second Saturday of the Columbia Farmer’s Market season.  Even though a lot of the time it was either raining or threatening to rain, there were still a lot of people who braved the elements to get their local produce.  Walking down the lane there was a large variety of produce for sale, but there were also other stands that sold items such as meat, fish, baked goods, plants and cupcakes.

This year the Columbia Farmer’s Market received a grant from the USDA, according to Columbia Transportation’s website, for a bus to run to transport people to and from the Columbia Farmer’s Market. If you visit Columbia Transportation’s website there is a map of the bus route and also the times that the bus runs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Going to the farmers market is a lot of fun. There is plentiful produce and other food items to be bought. You get to see people you know, or you can cultivate friendships with the stall owners. All in all, going to Columbia Farmer’s Market is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Click below for some recipes for the different vegetables in the slideshow.

Radishes, beets, white turnips, leeks and green onions.

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