Sustain Mizzou’s Local Food Drive is underway!

Things you can do:

About the Food Drive:

The Sustain Mizzou Local Food Drive is a two-part service project benefiting Missouri farmers as well as the underprivileged in the Columbia, MO area. The first part is fund raising. For the past five years, Sustain Mizzou has joined together with other student organizations to raise money on campus. This takes place during the spring semester. To collect money and grab people’s attention, we dress up in OUTRAGEOUS fruit and vegetable costumes and dance in Speaker’s Circle and in front of Memorial Union. The costumes, singing, and dancing add a special personality to our Local Food Drive that is outgoing, quirky, and fun!

The second part is purchasing. The Local Food Drive committee begins purchasing produce from local farmers shortly after we raise the money. The general rule is that the food comes from farms within 50 miles of the Columbia City limits. The food is then donated to local food pantries. With the Local Food Drive, we are able to support local farmers in Missouri and provide hungry people with fresh, nutritious food


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