Spring abounds at Pinnacles Youth Park

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This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit Pinnacles Youth Park, located about 12 miles north of MU’s campus off U.S. 63, on two separate occasions.

As a recent immigrant from Texas, I’m enamored with the concept of spring. This season, and any other besides stifling summer, is a phenomenon that is largely absent from all parts of the Lone Star State, and something I’ve never encountered.

In Missouri, the trees bloom. The flowers shoot through the ground and blanket flowerbeds with vibrant blossoms seemingly overnight, enveloping the air with their fragrance. The sun peaks through the clouds in the morning and it rains in the afternoon, never reaching much higher than a mild 75 degrees.

In Texas, there are two colors and two temperatures throughout the year — green and warm if you’re lucky, and brown and boiling if you aren’t.

As someone who moved to the Midwest after the summer of one of the worst drought’s in Texas’ history, I can’t believe that flowers that are planted here in October can survive to bloom in March.

Pinnacles Youth Park only furthered my admiration for Mother Nature’s most recent debut.

Friday afternoon afforded me the opportunity to hike with friends up the trail and across the park’s various rock faces and cliffs. We spotted the first signs of budding trees rebounding from winter, and saw flowers blossoming on Dogwoods.

Saturday morning gave me the chance to see the sunrise from atop one of the peaks at Pinnacles— an opportunity not to be missed, and without a doubt one of the highlights of this Texan’s first spring here in Columbia.


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