Survey investigates energy efficiency in Columbia rental properties

A screenshot from the survey. It includes just under 25 questions.

Guest post by Dustin Dunstedter. This survey is an effort by a team of MU graduate students in cooperation with the City of Columbia, and the results will be used to inform important work in the community.

We are group of MPA (Masters of Public Affairs) students working on our capstone project. We are fortunate enough to have partnered with the City of Columbia to help them assess the driving forces behind residents’ rental property decisions. We hope to empower the City with detailed information about what renters find important when choosing property in Columbia.

We are actively seeking sponsorship for our prize drawing that participants can opt into at the end of taking our anonymous survey. We currently have a $250.00 voucher from Socket ( for High Speed Internet as a grand prize.

You can find the survey here, and it will soon be on the City’s website as well. For more information, contact Dustin at

Full URL to the Survey:


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