Briney’s English Nature Excursions

These are just a few of the pictures that I took while on my trip in England, with a few from Germany. The first pictures are the ones from my time in Germany. We went to Munich and Frankfurt a Main. When we were in Munich we went to the Dachau Concentration Camp. After we got back from Germany we went to our host university, the University of Reading. The town of Reading is thirty minutes to the east of London by train. Some of the trips that we took from Reading were to Windsor, Cardiff,Wales, Newquay (pronounced new-key), London, Bath, Winchester and Stonehenge. It was amazing to get to go to all of these places all of them had a large amount of historic importance to them. Out of all the places I visited I would have to say that my favorites were Newquay and Bath. Newquay had so much natural beauty to it, and since it was not tourist season there were not a lot of people to deal with. Bath was also really great because it had so many historic places to go and see, and the Roman Baths were absolutely amazing to get to see.

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