REBOOT Encourages Community Involvement

Have you seen these mysterious R’s floating around campus? It’s week three of REBOOT, a 10-week long community scavenger hunt that challenges members of the Mizzou community to get out and explore the spaces around them. Teams participate in weekly missions involving sustainability and rack up points to win prizes in the process. However, the biggest challenge is to have fun!

Each week, teams receive a transmission from Ava, a researcher from the future who wants to change the future’s past. Spooky right? In week one, teams learned more about the power to reuse by going on missions to places like the MU surplus property and Craft Studio. REBOOTers discovered more about the recycling process throughout week by taking on a whole new set of challenges. This week’s theme is re-engage, aiming to connect teams with social justice issues in the community. It isn’t too late to sign up, so grab some friends and make a team here!

Check out teams that participated in the recycle audit on Lowry Mall last week!


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