Mizzou’s 2012 Dashboard Competition Kicks Off

Monday night marks the kickoff of this year’s Mizzou Dashboard Competition. To celebrate, Mizzou’s Residence Halls Association is hosting a s’mores roasting party in the courtyard of the Dogwood, Hawthorn, and Galena Residence Halls. There will be s’mores, some energy saving trivia games, and even hot cocoa, for those that bring their own mug or thermos (RHA is ditching styrofoam for this event in an effort to encourage people to utilize reusable containers).

The 2012 Mizzou Dashboard Competition will be between Jones, Lathrop Laws, Hawthorn, Dogwood, Galena, College Avenue, Hatch, and Schurz Residence Halls located here, on the Mizzou campus. The competition lasts from February 27th to March 19th. The goal is to see which residence hall can reduce their energy consumption the most during the three week time span.

Energy usage is monitored using the Dashboard system which can be viewed here. For the three weeks prior to the competition, the system has recorded the average energy usage in each of the competing residence halls to set a baseline from which the energy usage reduction is measured.

The residence hall that manages to reduce their energy usage the most will win a pizza party, hosted by Mizzou’s Residence Halls Association. For more information and updates throughout the competition check out Mizzou Dashboard’s facebook page. Feel free to direct any questions you might have about the competition to the facebook page or to RHA Sustainability Coordinator, James Jordan at jpj4kd (at) mail.missouri.edu


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