Tiger Transit Movement gains traction

Columbia’s transit problems came to a head in November with a lot of alarm and controversy, but now it seems to be leveling out. University administration hired a consultant from Solstice Transportation Group, who says he will present us with a plan for fixing the system before the end of the semester. And on the home front, the student-led Tiger Transit Movement members are doing what they can to improve the city bus routes in a way that helps students:

Here’s their mission:

Below is a letter published on TTM’s brochure. To get involved, or for more information, email tigertransitmovement@gmail.com or visit the TTM Facebook page.

Dear student or community member:

Much has been said about Columbia Transit and its recent growing pains. While the city hoped more citizens would use buses as their main form of transportation, this is currently not the case. Of bus users, the college student is the main patron.

Student-oriented apartment complexes offer free buses to campus. MU contracts with the city to shuttle students to and from commuter parking lots. The city offers a free downtown/university bus with service every twenty minutes. Without question, the main users of the transit system are students. However, the city has now exhausted its resources to continue the current service and we are in jeopardy of losing the ground which has been gained by the earth friendly initiative of public transit.

That is where we, the Tiger Transit Movement, come into the discussion. We have founded this movement to be a voice for students as concerns arise. Our mission focuses on asking students what kind of transit system they want, educating students about great student-centric transit systems in the U.S. and advocating for students in the communitywide conversation about transit.

The Tiger Transit Movement applauds the efforts already made to analyze and improve the transit system. We are working with the Columbia City Manager’s office to explore how other college transit systems operate. We recently participated in a productive and open discussion with MU’s transit consultant from Solstice Transportation Group and we are eager to assist with their survey and see their report.

Ultimately, the Tiger Transit Movement is a part of the ongoing transit conversation. We are working towards a solution that will ideally come in the form of a modern, efficient and sustainable transit system that serves students and community members well.

The Tiger Transit Movement


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