True / False Film Highlights President’s Battle to Keep Maldives Above Water.

Guest post by Britt Hultgren, a member of the True/False Film Festival’s “get the word out” dream team.

The documentaries are nearly upon us!  For it’s ninth consecutive year, the True/False Film Fest returns to Columbia. From March 1-4, 2012, T/F will rock this town with entertaining and enlightening documentary films, great music, fun parties, and fantastic people from all around the world.

Come one, come all–but don’t expect droll; these documentaries are the bees knees, my friends.

What Should I See?

There is a hugely excellent list of films to see, though one film that may be of particular interest to readers of Footprint Magazine is The Island President.

For most of us, “getting your feet wet” is pithy turn of phrase. But for recently deposed President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, it’s no quip–it’s literally sink or swim for his island chain. The reality of a changing global climate has threatened the existence of his nation, and he is bound and determined to do what he can to prevent that from happening.

The film’s description from the T/F website:

The Maldives, a tropical paradise for tourists in the Indian Ocean, faces a big problem. Global warming has led to rising ocean levels, leaving the hundreds of tiny islands that make up the country at risk of disappearing. President Mohamed Nasheed is on a mission to stop this from happening. With extraordinary access, filmmaker Jon Shenk documents the challenges of Nasheed’s first year in office, which also include the struggles to build democratic government after years of brutal military rule. A former political prisoner himself, the charismatic Nasheed knows how to get attention, holding a cabinet meeting underwater for the press. Yet he is no show pony, as his game changing, impassioned speech at the Copenhagen Climate Summit makes clear. As he puts it, “It won’t be any good to have a democracy if we don’t have a country.” Beautiful cinematography and a haunting soundtrack by Radiohead deepen this urgent real-life drama.

(While at COP15 in Copenhagen, I recall hearing President Nasheed speak a couple of times throughout the conference. He was driven, eloquent, and cogent–the guy seemed to be the real deal. I am very excited to see this film and see how well they captured his back story and continuing struggle against climate change.)

When and Where?

True / False showtimes and locations for The Island President:

  • Friday, Mar 2 / 7:00PM / Forrest Theater
  • Saturday, Mar 3 / 10:30AM / Jesse
  • Sunday, Mar 4 / 12:30PM / Missouri Theatre

How can I see the film?

You can see the film by way of getting a pass or a ticket. Basically, a pass will give you a better opportunity to participate in a whole lot more than a single film (eg multiple films, parties, special events), but if you’d like to just see the movie, you can get an individual ticket starting 1 March at 12pm.

Complete pass and ticket information are found here, on the True/False Website.


Send a line to

Get the word out to get the people in to witness the reality climate change, and one man’s struggle to ameliorate the situation.

I look forward to seeing you all there.


Editor’s Note: I’d like to point out that Radiohead is providing the soundtrack for this film. Yay! -Tina


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