Car-less Part II: Why Mizzou Students Don’t Need Cars to Go Between Home and School

As you can tell by the title this is part two of Footprint’s Car-less series. In the last post I talked about why you don’t need to own a car for running weekly errands or taking a short day-trip by using the WeCar program offered, here, on the Mizzou campus. This week I will be discussing why you (ideally) don’t need a car to go between college and home using the student rideBoard ride share program.

When I looked into rideBoard I couldn’t actually find anyone who had used the program. So I started by setting up an account for myself. It appears that the program has about 375 members at the University of Missouri and there were only 7 posts for the entirety of the past week. Furthermore, this was the week before the start of the spring semester, leading me to believe that the program isn’t used much. Which is unfortunate considering that ride sharing is a great opportunity.

A screenshot from a sample posting in Rideboard.

Now I’ll tell you how the program works. You register to be a user by using your University of Missouri email address. This is how they know you are really a student, because the program is meant to be a safe way for fellow students to find ways to carpool. Once you are registered you can search for a ride or for a passenger looking for a ride.

You can also post that you are looking for a ride or a passenger. To post a ride you give information including where you are going, where you are leaving from, when you would like to leave, and whether the trip is one way or round trip. You can also list if you prefer that the person you travel with is of a certain age or gender and leave any additional comments you would like (such as that you’re traveling with a cat in case someone else might be allergic). Ride board is a free program and there is no limit to the number of posts you can place.

RideBoard also gives links to the student directory to confirm someone you find is actually a student. And you should obviously be cautious with any program that helps you to meet strangers to go road tripping with. Though it could turn out to be an amazing opportunity to make new connections; singer Michael Blunt once sold his sister on ebay as “‘Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armour! Desperate to get to a funeral in Southern Ireland, please help!'”. Long story short: three years later she ended up marrying the guy who flew her to the funeral in his helicopter.

So whether you need a ride, are wanting to help the environment, or are looking for love, try out RideBoard and do some carpooling! If RideBoard doesn’t seem right for you, you can literally google ‘ride sharing’ and find tons of other programs that are similar. Another way to find ways to carpool is by using the CoMo Rideshare group on Facebook (which seems to be used quite a lot).


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