The Thanksgiving Feast

An Ode to the Potluck

Since August, the Sustainahouse has been hosting Community Potluck Dinners every other Wednesday. Each dinner takes on a different personality, whether it be dominated by delicious soup or seduced by sweet spiced muffins. Some dinners feed upwards of forty people, while others are only a humble fifteen. As the dishes vary from simple to complex, you can always count on rice and beans prepared by Sustainahouse residents.

In the spirit of the season (and in the spirit of loving food), Sustainahouse hosted a Thanksgiving themed potluck. In the midst of the potluck madness, I realized that this was my first “Thanksgiving” created outside of family obligations. It was a time to leave family traditions and forge new ones; incorporating new values, friends, and recipes. Our table was truly a hodgepodge of smells and colors. We were graced with chestnut stuffing, a buttery roasted turkey, cranberry salsa, pumpkin cookies, chocolate banana bread, fresh salads, and even a nostalgic “dirt bucket” dessert.

Without hesitation, I can say that it was one beautiful meal.

I am thankful for the nurturing powers food has on our bodies and friendships.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the potluck lovers out there!

The Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Folks -- Potluck Regulars
Pies, pies, and more pies


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