Two environmental journalism classes for Spring 2012

Neff Hall at the University of Missouri. Photo by Jiaxi Lu.

It’s time to register for classes, and in the journalism school, that means it’s time for environmental reporters to check in with Bill Allen, the science and agricultural journalism professor.

Part two of professor Allen’s Readings in Science Journalism series (see “Four Great Books on the Environment”) is all about Food and Agriculture. Here’s what you’ll read:

1. Richard Rhodes, Farm
2. Michael Pollan, Omnivore’s Dilemma
3. Mark Kramer, Three Farms
4. Duff Wilson, Fateful Harvest

It’s a one credit hour course that whizzes by in a whirlwind. Expect creative assignments (one from this semester involved writing a letter to Rachel Carson). As a bonus, you don’t have to be a journalism major to join!

Then, there’s “Covering Energy and Climate Change,” which answers the question, “What do journalists need to know to understand and cover our addiction to oil, our love affair with alternative energy and the politics of global climate change?”It’s a three credit class, but you learn a lot in those three hours.

For more information, download these fliers or e-mail Bill Allen at


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