Add your voice to Footprint’s sustainability podcast!

This is Paige Pritchard. She wants to start a sustainability podcast, but she needs your help.

I would like to assemble a team of Footprint members to produce a monthly podcast. I personally don’t have any experience with creating a podcast, but I have edited video and audio through the Adobe systems. Hopefully the team will consist of a few people who have more experience with creating podcasts, and then we can all learn from each other. Anyone, of course, is welcome and encouraged to join!

Here’s my current layout of the program:

Length: 20-30 minutes


Local Sustainastars – 10 minutes. This will be the largest segment. We would interview local community members who are adopting sustainable living techniques. This could include anyone from a sustainable architecture firm to a local farmer. We would ask them to explain what sustainable strategies they use and why.

Environment Abroad – 5 minutes. This will be a short round up of international environmental news. We can include links to the story we mention on the Footprint page that the podcast is posted.

Sustainable Products/Technology Review – 5 minutes. We will review a green product, such as sustainable cleaning supplies or Window Farms, and discuss the pros and cons. Hopefully we can have one of us buy or sample this product to get a first hand account, but if it’s something more expensive, like a self-contained composter, we can sift through other news articles and reviews and credit those (as well as provide the links).

Be Green Challenge – 5 minutes. This will be a challenge to listeners to adopt a single sustainable living technique for the month until the next podcast. This could range from starting a compost bin, recording a trash journal, or buying half of your groceries from local producers.

Toe Tappin’ Tunes – 5 minutes. We will round out the podcast by providing our listeners with a song from one of our favorite bands. Ideally, the band will have a connection to sustainability or folk heritage. We could showcase Guster and their green tour techniques, or The Carolina Chocolate Drops because of their involvement with continuing the tradition of jugband music.


Mid-November: Call together first meeting of team members and layout a plan for the first podcast. Brainstorm on content ideas.

December: Collect content and begin producing podcast.

January: Publish podcast to Footprint website for download.

Contact Tina Casagrand ( or Paige Pritchard ( for more questions or to be part of the team!


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