Not all leaves are created equal

Fall foliage means color: reds, yellows, oranges, browns. Fall foliage means the raw and dusty smell of crunched leaves. Fall foliage means the sound of petioles snapping from their twigs, leaves greeting piles of cousins with a soft “chk” and scratching sidewalks with their maraca-like shaking every time someone passes by. Here are some Mid-Missouri colors; you can imagine the other senses. – Tina Casagrand

More from the Leaf Lyrics collection:

“Leaves flutter like flames” – a haiku by Meghan Eldridge

“Stuck in a garden with no way to bargain” – a limerick by James Jordan

“All things elm” – a playlist by Kelly Gehringer

“If trees had names” – an illustration by Kat Seal


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