Punkin Preview: Hartsburg Festival this weekend

What to say about punkins?  They’re big ‘n orange ‘n real tasty between crust and under whipped cream.  The good people of Hartsburg caught onto this and put together a wholllle weekend to honor this most orbulous of squash.  And guess what!  It’s this weekend!

From cutebabyfix.com

Behold, details!

Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival
When: October 8 and 9
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Hartsburg, Missouri.
If you want to carpool with Sustain Mizzou, click here for more info.
If you want to bikepool from Cooper’s Landing, click here!

So, I’ve only been to the pumpkin festival once, but here’s what I did:

  • Parked and walked a mile to get to the festival, because the fields were too wet to park in (that shouldn’t be an issue this year).
  • Saw a bunch of really cute kids.
  • Bought a hand-made glass ornament for my grandmother.
  • Tasted elderberry juice.
  • Shared a fried Oreo with my best friend.
  • Marveled at Hartsburg’s quaintness.
  • Toddled down the Katy Trail a little bit.
  • I probably ate kettle corn. I don’t remember, because I eat kettle corn at nearly ever festival I go to.

Here are some more things you could do! Check back with Footprint next week to see a recap.


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