Review: Garnier PureClean – light on hair and planet

By Meredith Clark

A screenshot from the product's website.

Product: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean: 92% Biodegradable Shampoo and Conditioner [visit website]

Price:  Somewhere in the range of $4-$8, depending on location and taxes

Where:  Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target

Feature:  A ‘green’ answer to shampoo and conditioner

What the web says:  This is the solution that many have been waiting for.  Garnier has created a 92% biodegradable formula for shampoo and conditioner.  The bottles are made from 50% post consumer recycled plastic, so even the packaging is on par with the product.  Keeping up with much of the buzz surrounding hair products as of late, the formula contains no silicone.  This has become increasingly popular, given that more people are looking for natural solutions to hair-care.  Other additives that can be regarded as harsh or damaging are starting to go.  There’s also a fair amount of fewer chemicals, and this particular formula contains no added dyes.  There’s also the added bonus of a natural, berry antioxidant.  All of these elements seem to combine for one all, inclusive hair-care remedy.

Benefits of the bottle:  It’s getting to the point where finding recycled items isn’t that difficult anymore.  Most companies are taking the hint that we want cleanly made products and they’re responding accordingly.  So now the question is how much do they recycle?  Garnier seems to have gone the extra step, using 50% post consumer recycled plastic.  It’s common to see only 10% or 20% recycled fiber and plastics, so this bottle seems to be a push in the right direction.

What it does for your hair:  So what exactly does this mean for your hair?  Studies show that this particular Garnier product can help lead to less breakage for your hair.  The idea being that your hair stays healthier, grows longer and looks better.  As compared to other shampoos and conditioners, this one held it’s ground.  My hair seemed to adapt to the new bottle well.  It smells very clean, but isn’t overpowering.  And my hair felt very light, unlike some conditioners that make your hair feel heavy and matted down.  It comes recommended, like most things Garnier, if you’re looking for a product that feels just as clean as it was made.


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