Spooky Songs for your Halloween Weekend

Halloween is arguably the best day ever. It’s the one time of the year that it’s socially acceptable to eat candy non-stop, dress up like a freak and scare the socks off everyone around you. It’s also a time to dance. Here are some of my spooky song recommendations for the weekend. Miss Aretha Franklin’s…

Missouri Seasonal Beer — for partiers on the go

Hey, it’s Halloweekend. You don’t have time to read a meandering review, and I don’t have time to write one (the STL Hops blog and the Not So Professional Beer Blog’s “Great Pumpkin Beer Roundup” can give you more). Here’s the essential info based off my experience: Schlafly Pumpkin Ale: This is my favorite I’ve…

FRESH reveals bleak reality

Picture the fast-food hamburger you ate for lunch yesterday afternoon. Chances are that beef came from a major industrialized food producer, not a locally owned and operated farm. That label on the wrapper that reads “100% pure beef” does not say anything about the amount of antibiotics fed to the cattle. Nor does it boast…

Who, me?

Every day we have two choices: the sustainable way or…the other way. It’s easy to want to help the planet, but tricky part is the who, me? question (followed by the inevitable yes, you! response). I’m convinced that if everyone started asking themselves who, me? a little more, our world would be a lot different….

Food Day, reheated

Free produce. Zucchini brownies. Film and panel discussion. All fresh. All local. See more here.

Review: Red and Moe

A dual review in which Steve and Tina talk about their shared experience at Red & Moe.  Here’s Steve’s take: It’s pretty difficult to get excited about pizza. As a basic American food, the concept of topping dough with sauce, cheese, and other ingredients before nuking it in an oven has been done to death….

Opt Out of Your Next Phonebook

A few weeks ago, I walked into my apartment building and after stepping over the usual piles of pizza coupons, marketing mailers and miscellaneous unsolicited mail that littered the entryway, I started the climb up three flights of stairs to my place. To my enviro-horror, each floor greeted me with this scene: a two- or…

Residence halls working to provide sustainable options in the laundry room

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) has recently begun to provide drying racks for the residence halls in order to provide more sustainable (and cheaper!) laundry options to students. Sustainability Coordinator for RHA, Jordan Glasgow, has been working hard to provide drying racks to all the residence halls and, so far, everything is going as planned….

It’s time to Eat Real, Mizzou

Food Day is a national grassroots campaign working for sustainable, affordable, healthy, and just food in America. Join us in celebrating Food Day this Monday on October 24, 2011! Mizzou will be taking part by hosting two events: Fair Food Fair Lower Bengal Lair, Memorial Union 10am-2pm Meet and greet with Mizzou’s students, faculty, and…