Sycamore restaurant provides locally-obtained food

Good lighting? Check. Pleasant atmosphere? You bet. Locally grown food? Without a doubt.

Sycamore is a restaurant located in downtown Columbia on the corner of 8th and Broadway (next to Hot Box Cookies). The restaurant offers locally-obtained food, without sacrificing any of the taste.

Sycamore strives to ‘provide fresh, market-driven foods at affordable prices.’ While a starving college student could dispute the affordable part (all entrées cost more than $20), Sycamore provides a healthy meal coupled with an atmosphere that can give students a bit of a ‘high-dining’ feeling.

Because of the ever-changing food market, Sycamore frequently changes their menu to incorporate seasonal produce.

The menu is bordered with a list of the various suppliers and farms that Sycamore purchases their ingredients from. These places include: Missouri Legacy Beef, Pierpont farms, Chert Hollow Farms, Goatsbeard Farm, Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, Uprise Bakery, and Sparky’s, among many others.

Missouri Legacy Beef boasts free-range, and grass-fed cattle, and the Pierpont farms are located a mere 15 minutes south of downtown Columbia. Sparky’s is a popular ice creamery also located downtown.

Goatsbeard Farm also seems to be a strong point on the menu, with a handful of dishes containing their cheeses, and the cheese plate featuring the Goatsbeard Farm products is served with crispy buttermilk crackers and a fig-walnut pesto that compliments the cheeses well.

Sycamore serves a variety of seafood ranging from scallops to trout. The salmon was served over two crispy potato lefses and a sweet applesauce that provided an interesting pallet of flavors and a well-balanced meal.

For the vegetarians, Sycamore currently offers house-made gnocchi, fried yellow tomatoes, an array of salads and the ever-reliable Parmesan Fry basket.

With a menu of only one page, Sycamore lacks the variety most restaurants have. While this may cause a pickier eater to struggle while selecting a meal, it is also a testament to the local nature of their ingredients.


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