Greenhouse, harvest day

Urban Agriculture Task Force Hearing

Update: The meeting tonight is canceled. Due to scheduling difficulties, the Secretary of the Senate is not allowing Senators to take leave to make the tour and hearing this evening in Columbia. As such they have been advised to cancel and reschedule the Columbia hearing for a later date. Footprint will update you on any further developments. 9/13 1:57 p.m.

From Adam Saunders, from the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

Quick facts: Tuesday, September 13 at 5:30 p.m. in Chambers Auditorium of the MU Student Center, community leaders will meet to discuss Missouri’s urban agriculture policy.

Greenhouse, harvest day
Photo by Li Tang. From last year's Harvest Hootenanny, at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

Last year the state legislators passed a bill to create an Urban Agriculture Task Force.  The task force is made up of state senators, representatives, state department heads, urban farmers, local food entrepreneurs, and community organizers.  The group is going to write a policy paper with recommendations for Missouri policy.  This all will be completed before the next legislative session in 2012.

On September 13th the task force will hold its third hearing in Columbia, Missouri.  There will be a handful (14-16) of presenters that will each get 5 minutes to share their experiences and make suggestions to include in the report. They will present on what they are working on, how it connects to urban agriculture (all parts; growing, processing, selling, final prep, education, planning, etc.), and what policy concerns/suggestion they have to take urban agriculture further.

The event takes place in Chambers Auditorium of the MU Student Center.

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