Intro to biking at Mizzou and beyond

Do you ever see people biking into campus and wonder where the heck they’re coming from, and how they do it safely? It’s pretty simple: wear a helmet, follow traffic laws like you’re a car, and find a good route.

Let’s start with the route. Below you’ll find a map of all the bike routes in Columbia. You can download the pdfs as well: [front page with map] [back page with details]

Green lines indicate routes suitable for riders with average skill. Download the pdf for a larger version.

This map comes courtesy of Get About Columbia and the PedNet Coalition, two groups doing great things to make this community bikeable. Check out their websites for more information on infrastructure, navigation, bicycle basics like gear and traffic rules and a handy list of bike shops in Columbia, Mo. Get About also offers an extensive Guide to Your Ride document.

Student Sustainability also has a bike guide, complete with a Biking 101 pdf. This gets into the campus rules and Missouri statutes concerning biking (did you know that no person should ride upon sidewalks within a business district?) and benefits of owning a bike.


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