Animals cling to dry spots during Mississippi River flood

By Tina Casagrand

The Mississippi River levee break at Bird’s Point put about 130,000 acres of farmland underwater, but it also flooded two state parks.  The Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites Facebook page posted this picture of Towosahgy State Historic Site on May 12.

Towosahgy State Historic Site
This is a picture taken Tuesday of Towosahgy State Historic Site near East Prairie (the photo was taken by the Missouri Department of Conservation).

The caption reads:

The site is in the New Madrid Floodway, which was opened by the Army Corps of Engineers. The mound you’re looking at is 180′ wide x 250′ long at its base and is about 16 feet high. And yes, those are deers, coyotes and a turkey on the mound.

It kind of reminds me of SimSafari, when I’d make islands and then put a bunch of rabbits on it with two jackals.


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