From football field to collegiate farm

By Tina Casagrand

The latest Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education newsletter, which highlights sustainability efforts across the nation, just published this piece of news.  I thought it was too cool to not share.  You can read more about it here and here.

Paul Quinn College (TX) recently planted the first seeds in a former football field that will now serve the college as a student-run, two-acre urban farm. After grocers told the college’s president that they didn’t want to invest in the underserved Dallas neighborhood where the college is located, he contacted the Sustainable Food Project at Yale University (CT) for a crash course on organic agriculture and educational programs that emphasize the importance of local, healthy food. Part of the harvest will be sold to the company that runs concessions at Cowboys Stadium and the other will be donated nonprofit groups that feed the hungry. By fall the college plans to create a farmers market on its outdoor recreational basketball courts and eventually open its own grocery store.

Urban Farm
CCUA's urban farm at Smith and Fay is 1.3 acres and serves as their main educational worksite for interns, apprentices, and volunteers.

Two acres is huge!  It’s nearly twice the growing space of the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture’s biggest plot of land.  Although I don’t think our Mizzou football program is going anywhere, doesn’t “Faurot Farm” have a nice ring to it?

What Mizzou is doing is pretty neat.  The MU Sustainability Office is working closely with others on the Campus Master Plan, which, among other things, intends to incorporate sustainable agriculture and an edibles garden on the campus itself.  Soon even MU can get a taste of what Paul Quinn College is cooking.


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