Learn to fix your bike with MU’s new Bike Mechanics College

Kevin Petersen repairs a tire at Bicycle Mechanics College. Photo by Benjamin Datema.

Bicycle Mechanics College at Mizzou is a series of courses that will teach you everything you want to know about maintaining, repairing and re-building your bike. These small, laid back, personalized classes are intended for cyclists of any experience level, from beginner to advanced!  All BMC classes include student handouts with references to helpful online resources.  The Bike Mechanics College is taught by League of American Bicyclists certified League Cycling Instructors (LCI) who are also experienced professional bike mechanics.

They have three classes left this semester, which will cover:

Week 3 (April 19): Hubs, bearing and bottom brackets

What a hub is, how it works and how it wears, hubs, freewheel, headset, bottom bracket, pedals,  maintaining and repacking hubs, dissassembling and reassembling bearings.

       Student handouts include:  Diagrams of bike hub systems and related online resources

Week 4 (April 26): Drive Train, Shifters and Derailleurs

Freewheels, cassettes & cogs, cranks and chain rings, using a chain tool, replacing a ‘stretched chain’, what derailleurs do, types of gearing set-ups, how derailleurs work and how to adjust them.

Student handouts include: Drive train diagram, gear ratio calculations, helpful online resources, derailleur and drive train diagrams, helpful online sources

      Week 5 (May 3): Brakes

Brake cable runs, types of brakes, troubleshooting brake problems, adjusting, maintaining and repairing brakes,

Student handouts include: Brake type diagrams, brake maintenance and troubleshooting, helpful online resources

These 2-hour classes cost $10 per session, or secure your spot for all three remaining sessions by registering for the whole series at $30. Space is limited to 16 students and pre-paid registration is required to secure a spot in the class. Invite a friend, a family member or a date!  Register at the MSA/GPC Box Office on the first floor of the MU Student Center.  Visit the website or email Ben Datema (DatemaB@missouri.edu) for more information.

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