Free Showing of Carbon Nation

The Columbia Office of Sustainability is co-hosting a showing of Carbon Nation at Ragtag Cinema this Thursday 5:30-7:30.  Carbon Nation breaks away from the gloom and doom of climate change by documenting positive solutions that keep our air and water clean, reduce greenhouse gases, and protect our national security while providing economic savings and opportunities. This upbeat film is appealing across the political spectrum. Its cast of characters includes entrepreneurs, visionaries, scientists and even a former CIA director.

  • Moderator: Bill Allen, MU science journalist
  • Barbara Buffaloe, Columbia office of sustainability, reducing our community’s carbon footprint
  • Dave Brune, MU bioprocessing engineer, aquaculture, microalgal biomass and biofuels
  • Steve Borgelt, MU biological engineer, energy systems and new opportunities for students
  • Laura McCann, MU environmental economist, incentives for innovation
  • Tina Casagrand, MU student and President of Sustain Mizzou



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