What’s your take on wildlife refuges? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to know.

By Nicholas Mustoe

Every fall migrating ducks rest and feed in shallow water as they wind their way down the major waterways of this country. Every day red-cockaded woodpeckers peck away at long leaf pine trees. Sonoran pronghorn squeak out another day in the most arid of environments in the United States. These events of natural splendor are just some of the occurrences on the over 150 million acres that make up 553 national wildlife refuges run by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The Fish and Wildlife Service is the only agency with the explicit mandate to conserve and protect our nation’s plant and wildlife species. This is a task that refuge staff work on tirelessly as the challenges facing conservation continue to evolve and change.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is currently reviewing their vision document to adapt with these changes. It is currently in draft form and they are soliciting comments from the public. Now is a great time to read what the agency has planned and help steer the Fish and Wildlife Service’s goals and priorities for the coming decades.

For more information, visit http://americaswildlife.org/


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