Tell Your Friends: Sustainable Farming CAN Feed the World

A powerful piece published by Mark Bittman of the New York Times.

“Yet there is good news: increasing numbers of scientists, policy panels and experts (not hippies!) are suggesting that agricultural practices pretty close to organic — perhaps best called “sustainable” — can feed more poor people sooner, begin to repair the damage caused by industrial production and, in the long term, become the norm.”

His primary point is that smaller scale farming is actually more efficient than the industrial methods that we currently use to get our food.

1) It’s less susceptible to natural disasters and other environmental factors that can destroy massive amounts of  crops if they are centralized in one place.

2) Industrial agriculture requires inordinate amounts of water as well as the fossil fuel necessary to make most chemical fertilizers as well as mechanically till the land, run irrigation systems etc. etc.  Essentially, Bittman says, the current way the United States and most other industrialized nations farm uses more resources than the earth has.

“(Fun/depressing fact: It takes the earth 18 months to replenish the amount of resources we use each year. Looked at another way, we’d need 1.5 earths to be sustainable at our current rate of consumption.)”

Bittman makes a lot of interesting points and lays out a plan for transition that could be very easily adhered to.

Check out his piece here.

-Andrea Kszystyniak


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