Bug Snacks: would you eat them?

In the Environmental Reading and Media Group tonight, we watched a TED talk by Marcel Dicke titled, “Why not eat insects?” Mr. Dicke suggests that for humans to sustain our growing population, we need  to switch from traditional meat to insect-based proteins.

Yes, he believes that we need to all start eating bugs.

As crazy as it sounds, he makes a very compelling argument. One eye-opening fact Dicke shares is that 10 kg of feed produces only 1 kg of beef but 9 kg of locust. It’s hard to imagine, but likely one day, insects as food will be an everyday part of our lives, so you better get used to the idea now. The brave at heart can start with these Crickettes!

…or if you’re too squeamish to eat crickets, locust, larva, and scorpions you could just become a vegetarian!

The Reading and Media Group meets on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the MU Student Center. Check the Sustain Mizzou calendar for details.


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