Environmental News for Mid-Missouri

Becky Thiele, founder of Mid-Missouri Green News, manning Sustain Mizzou's Brady Table, circa 2008.

If environmental news doesn’t quite seem to hit home for you, then maybe Becky Thiele can help.  As a former editor-in-chief for Footprint, she knows her way around sustainability issues, and she’s now expanding the scope with a new blog, Mid-Missouri Green News.  Here’s what Miss Thiele says on the about page:

The purpose of this website is for Mid-Missourians to come together to discuss environmental issues and events of the day. My hope is that, as the site grows, viewers will begin to think of how the environment affects them in their daily lives.

Mid-Missouri Green News joins a small-but-proud cast of local environmental blogs, including Footprint Magazine, KOMU 8 Goes Green, the Columbia Urban Ag blog, River Notes from Missouri River Relief and My Green Cities, which features businesses that have joined their green business alliance.  If you know of any other good sites to add, let us know via comments or email!

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