Environmental News for Mid-Missouri

Becky Thiele, founder of Mid-Missouri Green News, manning Sustain Mizzou's Brady Table, circa 2008.

If environmental news doesn’t quite seem to hit home for you, then maybe Becky Thiele can help.  As a former editor-in-chief for Footprint, she knows her way around sustainability issues, and she’s now expanding the scope with a new blog, Mid-Missouri Green News.  Here’s what Miss Thiele says on the about page:

The purpose of this website is for Mid-Missourians to come together to discuss environmental issues and events of the day. My hope is that, as the site grows, viewers will begin to think of how the environment affects them in their daily lives.

Mid-Missouri Green News joins a small-but-proud cast of local environmental blogs, including Footprint Magazine, KOMU 8 Goes Green, the Columbia Urban Ag blog, River Notes from Missouri River Relief and My Green Cities, which features businesses that have joined their green business alliance.  If you know of any other good sites to add, let us know via comments or email!

CoMo Futures: the Midwest landscape in 100 years

lilies, fish and wind turbines
London’s busiest urban hub becomes a haven of calm as water levels rise ever higher. Water lilies, fish and wind turbines drift quietly in the breeze, amid empty buildings which are only left standing to support the infrastructure of power generation. Civilisation as we know it has gone. Image © Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones

Discuss the future in just one hour?  Reading and Media Group is so on it.

Inspired by London Futures, a postcard series that “brings home the full impact of global warming, food scarcity, rising sea levels,” we wanted to make some predictions of our own.

To help envision CoMo Futures, we borrowed from talks by University of Missouri Geography professors Dr. Mike Urban and Dr. Mark Cowell, who went to Copenhagen in 2009, documents from the United States Global Change Research Program on Midwest changes in climate, articles on migration and species invasion, our personal experience and current sustainability measures at the University of Missouri.  Here are some future postcards we would make:

Continue reading CoMo Futures: the Midwest landscape in 100 years

Reading Group watches “The Warriors of Qiugang”

In anticipation of the Academy Awards, the Environmental Reading and Media Group watched the 40-minute documentary “The Warriors of Qiugang.” This Oscar-nominated film was co-produced by Yale Environment 360 with filmmakers Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon, who have made a trilogy of short films set in China — the first of which, “The Blood of Yingzhou District,” won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. Continue reading Reading Group watches “The Warriors of Qiugang”

Living the Old Life

By Briney Bischof

Martin Bellmann
Martin Bellmann stands in front of the woodshed he is building. The shed is made with reused metal siding and will keep the wood they use to heat the house in the winter from getting wet.

Martin Bellmann has a self-sufficient lifestyle. When Bellmann talks about the inspiration behind his log cabin he says, “I’ve always had a strong interest in the old ways of doing things, in a way of living that was slower, gentler, self-sustaining, and more in balance with the rhythms of nature.” Bellmann lives this principle with his everyday life.

Eva Bellmann watches the weather before they go to Ashland to cut up downed trees, which they plan on using for different building projects in the future.

He continues to say that he finds the American frontier and the lifestyles associated with it very interesting and he has always wanted to do the pioneering thing.

Bellmann and his wife Eva Bellmann live outside of Jamestown, Missouri in a log cabin that he built himself 10 years ago, according to him. He says the cabin itself is made partially from the corncrib of the barn that used to stand on his property.  The cabin did not have electricity until seven or eight years ago and it did not have running water until last year, Bellman says. Continue reading Living the Old Life