MU’s Raptor Rehabilitation Project

Photos by Tina Casagrand

At a recent bald eagle release at Eagle Bluffs (video to come), volunteers with the University of Missouri’s Raptor Rehabilitation Project brought along some friends to teach about these stunning predatory birds.

volunteer with a red-tailed hawk
Volunteer with Emma, a red-tailed hawk, one of the program's residential "education birds."

The Raptor Rehabilitation Project provides a mechanism for educating the public about birds of prey, combining natural history and species information with personal experience to deliver educational programs throughout mid-Missouri. The project also gives veterinary students, community members, and other students the opportunity to work hands-on with professional veterinary medical faculty and cutting-edge technology to rehabilitate and release injured or ill birds.

volunteer with an American Kestrel
Volunteer with Hephaestus, an American Kestrel.

Anyone can get involved with Raptor Rehab. Their volunteers help feed, handle and care for resident birds, serve as presenters at public presentations and fundraising events. Volunteers can also observe and sometimes assist in the hospital under the supervision of senior Veterinary students.

volunteer with Owliver
Volunteer with Owliver, a great horned owl.

Also, just in time for the holidays, you can adopt a raptor for just $30 to $45!


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