Chickens and farm bills and pigs, oh my!

By Tina Casagrand

missouri factory farm map

The more than 15 million broiler chickens on factory farms in Barry County, Missouri produce twice as much untreated manure as the sewage from the greater Denver metro area.

Two times the untreated manure as Denver’s sewage.  From one county in Missouri.

You can explore this interactive map of Missouri factory farms (mostly pig) and compare them to the nation (we could do worse).  At, you can also read about problems, learn how to take action, and download a 48-page report titled Factory Farm Nation.

The Senate’s passage of the new farm safety bill wasn’t the hardest thing to sell–salmonella and e. coli scares were becoming too frequent and sweeping to not incite concern.  And while it may have been good for some local farmers, it’s still in our country’s interest to address the problems brought about by factory farming and a national food system from the top-down.

To stay up-to-date on the Food Safety Modernization Act, you can visit or simply follow Michael Pollan’s Twitter feed.


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