The (Environmental) Horror!

By Eddie Kirsch

Gulf Sounds flier
Happy Halloween!

Sustain Mizzou is hosting a benefit concert at the Blue Fugue called Gulf Sounds. Here is a little information regarding the concert:

When: Wednesday, November 3 — 8:30pm to 1:00am
Location: The Blue Fugue, 120 S 9th St., Columbia, MO
What to expect: People will pay $5 at the door and spend the rest of the evening dancing, chilling and having a good time.  Volunteers will sell raffle tickets to win gift certificates to all sorts of sweet places in the district (including a $50 gift card to Flat Branch Pub and Brewery).  They will also sell t-shirts and poster prints.  All of the money raised throughout the night will be donated to an organization of your choice:

1. National Wildlife Federation (wildlife)
2. Environmental Defense Fund (environment)
3. Greater New Orleans Foundation (community)”

If you need a little refresher on why the Gulf Oil Spill, here are five scary & interesting facts, in the spirit of Halloween:

1. According to the most recent data, a total of 6104 birds, 609 Sea Turtles and 100 mammals have been found dead.

2. According to, BP was celebrating safety on the Deepwater Horizon exactly when it exploded.From the website:
“In a curious twist, BP chose April 20 as the date for an onboard party to commemorate “Deepwater Horizon going for seven years without an accident.” A number of company executives reportedly flew out to the rig to take part in the festivities. The natural gas explosion that killed 11 crew members and eventually sank the rig ‘blew out the wall leading to the galley, where [the] party was being held.'”

3. According to, “205 million gallons spewed into the gulf over 87 days”.

4. From, “Approximately 93 miles of Gulf Coast shoreline are currently experiencing moderate to heavy oil impacts-approximately 86 miles in Louisiana, 6 miles in Mississippi and less than two miles in Alabama and Florida.”

5. According to USA Today, by Oct. 1, BP had spent $11.2 billion on the Gulf oil spill


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