When we think sustainability today, words like recycle, carbon footprint and local food come to mind. Maybe we should think about words like Mod Podge, bandanas and magazines a little more.

Last week, Monica and I launched a project called Sustain-a-Bling. Our dear friend Ben Datema thought of the idea once upon a time when he was a dedicated Sustain Mizzou leader, but was unable to fulfill his goals for the project.
The idea of Sustain-a-Bling is to pick your head up, look around you and use what you have to make art. I personally keep three different art boxes on hand at all times so I have a variety of choices. The beauty is that hoarding becomes a good thing; the more you have to choose from, the more intricate the art project can be.
For instance, one of our creative sustainers, Henry, constructed a little dog out of floppy disks, glue and pipe cleaners and buttons. It is now sitting at the Sustain Mizzou desk and waiting to be named as our mascot.
It was simple, really. I spread my art boxes out on the tables and people immediately started rummaging through things to create masterpieces. Sustainers made coasters out of coiled magazines, birthday cards out of cardboard, bracelets and everything in between.
The truth is almost anything is reusable and it’s up to us to make it into art. Think about it!
Watch the trailer of Faythe Levine’s Handmade Nation to get a better understanding of the greater indie craft movement in America.
I also made an audio slideshow for the Missourian, focusing on local Columbia artists such as Cory McCarter. Get inspired!

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