Discussion Questions for Blessed Unrest

Blessed Unrest book coverIn our first week, the Environmental Reading and Media Group chose to read excerpts from Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken. Project leader Nick Mustoe offers the following questions for discussion:

  • The start of what became the modern method of biological categorization, Systema Naturae by Linnaeus, consisted of only 11 pages. Is it conceivable today that we could make such an important decision without numerous professional meetings, conferences and articles?
  • What do you feel Emerson was referring to when he discusses learning the language of nature? Is this a type of learning separate from the learning we get in the classroom? Does it have less, equal or more value than learning from traditional education?
  • How would you have reacted to being one of the first Europeans to see Sequoias?
  • Does this book’s account of history suffer from the “great man” approach to history?

The Reading and Media Group meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the second floor lounge of Memorial Union.


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